TrollKeep's Traffic Exchange

Having worked for a number of years with a Traffic Exchange Network, there are still remnants of that development on this site. Should you need any help with your Traffic Exchange Site please contact me.

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An interactive database search for regions on the 3D virtual regions of OSGrid.

TrollKeep's RPG

This ongoing game world has been played off and on for a few decades. It's first incarnation was as a BBS game software (door) in the mid 1980's; written in Pascal. It was then ported to different programming languages as a learning tool over the years. It was ported to ANSI C in the 1990's during an exploration into Computer Gateway Interfaces and then, again, when exploring the Perl scripting language. That version is still available online.

Work is underway on Roll20.Net to allow table top rpg play of the TK Characters; something which had been done up to now, only, live and in person.

Work is also continuing with the latest port of TK; in Java this time.